Sandi Yanisko | Fusing Glass
Created 1-Feb-12
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My kiln has a small peep hole in the side so I can watch the glass melting. The glass is fully fused at 1465 degrees. Then the glass is annealed and cooled. Finally the kiln can be opened and unloaded when the temperature reached 100 degrees.
kiln_12_2010-07kiln_12_2010-11kiln_12_2010-13Kiln firing 2010_12_11-26Kiln firing 2010_12_11-33cutting glass01cuttingglass02DSC_0408DSC_0409loaded kiln-1loaded kiln-2loaded kiln-3loaded kiln-4loaded kiln-6Fusing04_16_2011-34DSC_0876eDSC_0879eDSC_0882pickledIris in Kiln-14